This is a first of its kind solution for public unpaved road management and is designed for easy implementation while lowering cost. We will provide expert operators to run your equipment (operator cost only) or will handle the entire mission using our equipment and operators (operator cost plus). Some clients prefer a tailored combination of both. The objective is to increase your peace of mind, reduce operating costs, improve public works efficiency and create safer driving conditions for your citizens.



You own the heavy equipment and have longstanding relationships with your material vendors. We provide the experts to operate your equipment in a fully insured work environment. The cost only pricing structure is transparent and based on simple hourly rates. This allows you to direct specific work-effort toward targeted roadway at a cost that’s always crystal clear. You maximize equipment utilization, achieve a better end result and positively impact operational efficiency while reducing overall cost.


We provide the heavy equipment, expert operators and materials. The cost plus approach is a turn key program designed to accommodate customers that need heavy equipment provided and who have no specific preference for material suppliers. We handle everything. And similar to the operator cost only program, the cost plus pricing structure is based on simple hourly rates that are always clear and easy to understand.



We can also develop a custom approach that blends operational and material elements to meet your specific needs. The possibilities here are limitless.

We made the decision to deploy Southgrade’s program and saw measurable improvement in operational efficiency.  I think long term it’ll reduce maintenance costs, too. They’re helping us get more done with less to do a better job for the city.
- D. Wendlandt

Director of Public Works | City of Chattahoochee Hills